"The world does not have a pollution problem. The world has a design problem."

  - Cradle to Cradle


2017 Installations


The Revival Society is a Savannah, GA based team of makers that have dedicated their time and energy toward ecological design.  We each believe in the cradle to cradle objective of solving waste through creativity and reevaluating systems of design. Revival Society consists of highly skilled designersโ€™ from a variety of fields ranging from engineers, chemists, biologists, fine artists and more. It is by combining these trades and building these connections that we can brainstorm sustainable solutions, build support, and allow the consumer a transparent view of what goes into each design.

In order to create a solid foundation we are looking to expand this vision by raising funds for a facility that would act as a filtration system for Savannah, GA. This space would combine a recycling center, collaborative shop space, and a unique educational facility. We aim to build toward a cleaner more collaborative future to create truly innovative sustainable designs.


Many of our projects require an undetermined amount of material and labor. As a way to involve our community in this adventure towards a sustainable future we have created a page on Go Fund Me. This Donation page is dedicated to the costs of supplies for educating students, extra income for large installations, and the start up costs of funding a 501c3 (non-profit).




By collaborating with other brilliant minds we have the ability to revitalize design. Instead of melting materials to release more harmful chemicals into our atmosphere, we choose to explore interactive and inventive ways of upcycling.



(Slide show of the makers personal work)


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